Series: Chronicles of Prydain

THE HIGH KING by Lloyd Alexander
Released: March 1, 1968

"He takes earth, fulfilling by his deeds the prophecy in the Book of Three; Eilonwy gives up her magic to be his bride."
The last may be the best—movement toward an ultimate confrontation between the forces of life and the forces of death give this final Prydain adventure a stronger frame and tighter weave than the preceding four. Read full book review >
TARAN WANDERER by Lloyd Alexander
Released: April 3, 1967

"If you've done well with the others, you'll want this; if not, try Tolkien."
A young man searches for his identity and finds that he is not what he was born but what he is becoming, that he is, in short, himself: "strength — and frailty. Read full book review >
THE CASTLE OF LLYR by Lloyd Alexander
Released: April 11, 1966

"And, as before, the compelling mystery of Taran's destiny and Prydain's fate."
The Princess Eilonwy is one of the many attractive characters growing up through the previous titles in the continuing chronicle of Prydain: The Book of Three. Read full book review >
THE BLACK CAULDRON by Lloyd Alexander
Released: April 12, 1965

"The sweep of the battles, the pressures of fear relieved by interludes of comedy, the blends of good and evil combine to the kind of once-in-a-lifetime reading that will assure Prydain a permanent place in geographies of fictional territories."
The Book of Three (1964, p. 818, J-262) has just received the invaluable boost that comes with selection as one of ALA's Notable Children's Books. Read full book review >
THE BOOK OF THREE by Lloyd Alexander
Released: Aug. 27, 1964

"Hopefully, Prydain's history will be continued."
Prydain is an imagined territory, somewhat like Wales and peopled with characters whose genealogy stretches back to Welsh legend. Read full book review >