Series: City

CITY OF DEATH by Laurence Yep
Released: Feb. 5, 2013

"A tongue-in-cheek ramble with frequent opportunities for derring-do and a multitude of supernatural entities more colorful than dangerous. (afterword) (Fantasy. 10-12)"
The world turns out to need saving from more than just one menace in this conclusion to Yep's teeming and polymythical fantasy/alternate history/quest/rescue/coming-of-age epic. Read full book review >
CITY OF ICE by Lawrence Yep
Released: June 1, 2011

"Readers who enjoy inner conflicts, barbed dialogue, casts replete with supernatural creatures and fantasy epics that don't take themselves too seriously will find it a treat. (afterword, bibliography) (Fantasy. 10-12)"
The chase after an evil sorcerer who is gathering up the scattered parts of a scarily powerful magical bow continues in this sequel to City of Fire (2009). Read full book review >