Series: Gateway Biographies

GAL GADOT by Jill Sherman
Released: April 1, 2018

"If Gadot is less of a heroine than the character she portrays, this book may convince readers she's close enough. (Biography. 6-12)"
Some authors would find it a challenge to write an entire book about an actress who's played only one really big role, but Sherman makes a case that Gal Gadot has spent her whole life preparing to play Wonder Woman. Read full book review >
DONALD TRUMP by Jill Sherman
Released: April 1, 2017

"A prefab profile that will be outdated long before it becomes available. (source notes, timeline, further reading, index) (Biography. 10-12)"
A quick scan of the recently elected chief executive's family, background, and campaign. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 2014

"Routine assignment fodder. (further reading, websites, index) (Biography. 8-11)"
A standard-issue profile of the renowned activist—one of a spate launched by his death in December 2013. Read full book review >
POPE FRANCIS by Stephanie Watson
Released: Nov. 1, 2013

"For good or for bad, Pope Francis' life and papacy cannot be separated from the tarnish on today's Catholic Church, and readers may end up with more questions than answers, though their respect for Pope Francis should grow. (Biography. 9-14)"
A serviceable biography introduces readers to the first pope from the Americas. Read full book review >
DAVID KARP by Karen Latchana Kenney
Released: May 1, 2013

"Just another fabulously wealthy high school dropout role model. (endnotes, bibliography, index) (Biography. 10-13)"
Bland, standard-issue profile of a (now) 26-year-old Internet entrepreneur. Read full book review >