Series: Glitch

SHUTDOWN by Heather Anastasiu
Released: July 2, 2013

"With far too few glimpses of the self-confident freedom fighter readers have come to expect, Zoe goes from girl on fire to girl you want to set on fire. (Dystopian romance. 14 & up)"
Fans of Anastasiu's science-fiction trilogy who grew to love Zoe in all her telekinetic, girl-power glory, particularly in Override (2013), will likely feel cheated by the final installment. Read full book review >
OVERRIDE by Heather Anastasiu
Released: Feb. 12, 2013

"Several unexpected twists, a compelling love story, high-stakes action and a stand-up heroine worth rooting for rescue this series from the dystopian abyss and make for an entertaining read. (Dystopian romance. 14 & up)"
After a disappointing start, the second installment of Anastasiu's (Glitch, 2012) dystopian trilogy will be a welcome surprise to readers returning to find out what happens next to Zoe and members of the Resistance as they battle to free other glitchers and humans being used by Chancellor Bright in her merciless quest for power. Read full book review >