Series: Mortality Doctrine

THE GAME OF LIVES by James Dashner
Released: Nov. 17, 2015

"A fitting end to an exceptional trilogy. (Science fiction. 12-16)"
After narrowly escaping the villainous Tangent Kaine's clutches at the conclusion of The Rule of Thoughts (2014), Michael, Bryson, and Sarah are joined by Michael's old nanny, Helga, and a group of rebel Tangents to thwart Kaine's evil plans once and for all. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 26, 2014

"An excellent franchise entry that proves planned series can be just as enjoyable as one-offs. (Science fiction. 12-16)"
A trio of gaming teens battles a corrupt computer program that is hellbent on leading a virtual army into our reality. Read full book review >
THE EYE OF MINDS by James Dashner
Released: Oct. 8, 2013

"High on concept, this is an intriguing read for the digital generation. (Science fiction. 12 & up)"
Digital nightmares lurk in this Sleep. Read full book review >