Series: Strange and Wonderful

OCTOPUSES! by Laurence Pringle
Released: April 1, 2015

"Pringle inks another winner in a long series of engaging, informative invitations to explore the natural world. (Informational picture book. 5-10)"
A veteran science writer introduces the most intelligent invertebrate of all, the octopus, master of camouflage. Read full book review >
SCORPIONS! by Laurence Pringle
Released: Oct. 1, 2013

"Budding arachnologists will find this an enlightening introduction. (bibliography, pronunciation guide, resources for more information) (Nonfiction. 6-10)"
Veteran science writer Pringle delivers another stinging success with this fascinating look at the similarities and differences among the many varied species of these much feared but mostly misunderstood arachnids. Read full book review >
FROGS! by Laurence Pringle
Released: April 1, 2012

"Budding herpetologists will snap this one up faster than a frog can catch a fly. (author's note, answer key, list of resources for more information) (Nonfiction. 6-10)"
Science writer Pringle truly delivers with his latest, a fascinating look at the similarities and differences among the many and varied species of frogs. Read full book review >
PENGUINS! by Laurence Pringle
Released: March 1, 2007

"Enthusiastic and wonderfully informative, this will grab readers and listeners alike. (Nonfiction. 7-10)"
This new entry in a series of popular animal books describes and illustrates 13 species of penguins, flightless southern hemisphere birds with dark backs and white fronts that spend most of their lives at sea. Read full book review >
SNAKES! by Laurence Pringle
Released: Sept. 1, 2004

"This handsome science title will slide off the shelf. (Nonfiction. 7-10)"
The author of more than 100 books for children and teens has produced another winner in this attractive compendium of intriguing snake facts. Read full book review >
WHALES!  by Laurence Pringle
Released: April 1, 2003

"A rare nonfiction picture book that works beautifully as a read-aloud, as a whole, it's as wonderful as the whales. (Nonfiction. 4-10)"
From a take-notice beginning ("If you were a great whale, you could open your mouth wide enough to hold an elephant") to a thoughtful treatment of whale conservation at the end, Pringle (Crows, 2002, etc.) does a bang-up job on his 100th outing. Read full book review >
CROWS! by Laurence Pringle
Released: Sept. 1, 2002

"His closing point, that crows should not be categorized as helpful or harmful (they can be both), but 'simply part of nature,' is a thought worth provoking. (afterword) (Picture book/nonfiction. 6-8)"
Pringle complements Listen to the Crows (1976), his old standard look at crow communication, with a wider-angled introduction to these wily birds for younger readers. Read full book review >
DINOSAURS! by Laurence Pringle
Released: Feb. 1, 1995

"It illustrates Pringle's comment that fossils teach nothing about the colors of dinosaurs, nor about the sounds they made. (Nonfiction. 4+)"
A book about dinosaurs, from a science writer (Batman, 1991 etc.) with a strong track record, who here may have misjudged his audience. Read full book review >