Kirkus Star
Awarded to Books of Exceptional Merit

Series: What Am I?

FROG & FRIENDS by Joyce Wan
Released: June 27, 2013

"An engaging riddle book with standout illustrations, especially the final foldout, which is filled with merry creatures being regarded by a cheerful sun and a content, pigtailed little girl. (Board book. 1-4)"
This appealing offering presents a series of clues to a riddle with the answer revealed on a final, fold-out page. Read full book review >
WHAT AM I?  CHRISTMAS by Anne Margaret Lewis
Released: Sept. 1, 2011

"While this format may seem obvious to anyone over the age of 5 (and especially to any older siblings who might pick this up), the structure is remarkably well thought out for the youngest children, who will find the clues-prediction-answer concept an amusing challenge. (Picture book. 1-5)"
A simple riddle format lets toddlers and preschoolers use textual and visual clues to guess the Christmas character or item hidden behind sturdy flaps on each right-hand page. Read full book review >