Author Christopher Paolini really, really wants a new film version of his 2003 fantasy novel, Eragon.

The writer rallied his fans on Twitter, urging them to ask Disney to remake the critically reviled 2006 movie based on his debut book, The Wrap reports.

“Bring the thunder Alagaësians!” Paolini tweeted. “Let @Disney hear you roar! Use the hashtag #EragonRemake, mention @Disney in the body of the tweet, and let them know we want to see a proper Eragon adaptation!”

Paolini’s novel, which he originally self-published as a teenager, tells the story of a farm boy who befriends a dragon. It was adapted into a movie, directed by Stefan Fangmeier, that was savaged by critics. The film has a 16% “fresh” rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes; various reviewers deemed the movie “derivative and silly” and “desperately dull.”

Paolini’s tweet linked to a website for a “tweet storm” campaign. “The time has come to stand together, unified in our call for an adaptation!” the website reads in part. “With a fandom as large as ours, an organized and consistent message has a real chance of making an impact.”

The #EragonRemake hashtag took off on Twitter, much to the delight of Paolini, who giddily tweeted, “Woo-hoo! We’re already trending! Get those numbers up, folks! Let’s show them the power of this fully operational fandom! Ahahaha!”

Michael Schaub is a Texas-based journalist and regular contributor to NPR.