Jonathan Karl discussed his latest book, Tired of Winning: Donald Trump and the End of the Grand Old Party, on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert Thursday evening.

The ABC News correspondent’s book, published Tuesday by Dutton, is a look at Donald Trump’s increasingly right-wing rhetoric in the years after he lost the 2020 presidential election. In a starred review, a Kirkus critic called the book “excellent reporting and assured writing—an ominous warning.”

“Your last book was called Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show,” Colbert said. “Then why is there another book, Jon Karl? In the last book, was everything a lie, or just the title? Do you often lie to your public?”

Karl, laughing, replied, “Apparently, there was an unplanned sequel in the works that I just didn’t know about.”

Colbert noted that one of the main arguments in Karl’s book is that “Trump’s story is one of failure.” He asked Karl what he meant by that.

“Virtually everybody who came into contact with him ended up failing,” Karl said. “This includes the people that stood up to him, who tried to stop him. I mean, the Republican field is littered with ruined careers of people that tried to stop Donald Trump. It’s the people that were close to him and supported him.…Some of them literally ended up in prison, ended up saddled with legal bills, lives destroyed.”

Michael Schaub is a contributing writer.