Maya Angelou is getting a Barbie doll of her own.

Toy manufacturer Mattel will honor the legendary poet and memoirist (I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings) with a new doll, Essence magazine reports.

In a news release posted to the Barbie website, Mattel said that Angelou was a “fitting addition” to the company’s “Inspiring Women” series, which has previously honored historical figures including astronaut Sally Ride, suffragist Susan B. Anthony, and singer Ella Fitzgerald.

Photo from Mattel“Sculpted to Dr. Angelou’s likeness, her Barbie® Inspiring Women™ Doll holds a miniature replica of her prolific autobiography, while wearing a head wrap and floor-length dress with floral print,” Mattel said. “Her additional accessories include a golden ring, bracelet, watch, and earrings. This collectible doll features a curvy body and articulation for endless posing possibilities and inspired displays.”

Mattel seems to anticipate high demand for the doll; it’s limiting purchases through its online store at two dolls per customer. As of Tuesday afternoon, it was sold out on the Mattel store, and backordered on Amazon.

The doll drew immediate enthusiasm on social media, with one user tweeting, “THIS IS A MAYA ANGELOU BARBIE AND I AM SOBBING AND I HIT PREORDER SO FAST.”

And writer Janna G. Noelle tweeted, “I’ve loved Barbie since childhood as a tool of my creativity and imagination in storytelling. This special edition doll of Dr. Maya Angelou is all the more inspiring (and so beautiful too!)”

Michael Schaub is a Texas-based journalist and regular contributor to NPR.