When the universe told me I had a story to tell I sat down at my computer and started writing the Climbing Jacob’s Ladder series, the story of two young girls who were forced to take ship for the new world. When I finished that book, I knew that it would take a few more volumes to complete my story of the lesser known historical women who made a difference in the blooming of America. After a lifetime of reading historical novels, I would write one or two myself.

When I finished book one I knew that it was important to get my first book reviewed. Of course I went through the usual questions and doubts in my mind, but not being a person who lets fear have any power, I set forth to find a professional reviewer.

After asking several writers, I chose Kirkus Reviews. I had no idea what they would be expecting in my book but believed they would give me a truthful critique of my work. So, against the advice of my home reviewer, my husband, who thought I should not spend the money, I contacted Kirkus.

I decided I must be patient as you can’t read a novel in a day or two, so I waited. Something in my heart told me not to be afraid, that I had done my best, so I waited. In the meantime I started working on Volume Two.

When the review arrived I read each word while holding my breath. Oh, my. The review was better than I could have expected. My simple writing style, which I was concerned about, was praised and the book was recommended to lovers of history in the books they read and to those interested in woman’s rights. I was in seventh, maybe eighth, heaven.

So, even though the cost was high for a woman on social security, I submitted book two and suffered the wait. However, again I received an excellent review. The reviewer even suggested that the reader would surely be waiting anxiously to read book three. My gosh, I even received an excellent review on book three.

Since I am changing the cover and title of those three books and the fourth and final book in the set, I will soon be leaping into the fire again to see my review of the fourth book.

I believe in Kirkus and will definitely be submitting some other books I am working on. They may or may not get great reviews, but I know they will be honest reviews. What one might consider a bad review might be just what the author might need to set him on the right track.


Carole Love, an actress, artist, doll maker, and costume designer/maker, is the author of the Climbing Jacob’s Ladder series.