Rosalind Chao will narrate a new audiobook version of The Three-Body Problem, the acclaimed science fiction novel written by Cixin Liu and translated into English by Ken Liu. Macmillan Audio announced the new edition in a news release.

Liu’s novel, published in the U.S. in 2014, tells the story of an alien civilization that prepares to invade Earth after receiving signals from a top-secret military project. In a starred review, a critic for Kirkus praised the novel as “remarkable, revelatory and not to be missed.”

The novel is the first in a trilogy, Remembrance of Earth’s Past, that also includes The Dark Forest and Death’s End. It is the first Asian book in history to take home the Hugo Award for best novel. A previous audiobook edition of the novel was narrated by Luke Daniels.

Chao is known for her roles in the films The Joy Luck Club, Freaky Friday, and Mulan, and the series AfterMASH and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She stars in the upcoming Netflix series adaptation of Liu’s novel, 3 Body Problem, which is slated to premiere on March 21.

“I had the incredible privilege of bringing Ye Wenjie’s character to life through the TV series adaptation,” Chao said in a statement. “It was a truly enriching experience. Now, narrating the audiobook, I find myself in the unique position of embodying all the characters within this mesmerizing universe. It’s a creative challenge that I embrace with enthusiasm, and I can’t wait for listeners to hear the audiobook!”

The new audiobook edition of The Three-Body Problem is scheduled for release on Feb. 27.

Michael Schaub is a contributing writer.