It’s a common stereotype that the British are reticent and reserved, while their cousins across the pond are prone to gleeful oversharing.

Prince Harry has put an end to that idea.

In his forthcoming memoir, Spare, the Duke of Sussex shares some frank information about the royal genitals, Page Six reports.

The prince reveals that during the 2011 wedding of his brother, Prince William, he was suffering from a frostbitten penis, the result of a charity walk he joined at the North Pole.

“Pa was very interested, and sympathetic about the discomfort of my frost nipped ears and cheeks,” Harry writes, referring to his father, now King Charles III. “While the ears and cheeks were already healing, the todger wasn’t. It was becoming more of an issue by the day.”

He says he sought medical help after initially trying to treat it with a cream made by Elizabeth Arden.

Readers who require more information about Harry’s artful todger are in luck. In his book, the prince also reveals the status of his foreskin: not present.

“There were countless stories in books, and papers (even The New York Times) about Willy and me not being circumcised,” he writes. “Mummy had forbidden [circumcision], they all said, and while it’s absolutely true that the chance of getting penile frostbite is much greater if you’re not circumcised, all the stories were false. I was snipped as a baby.”

Spare, God help us all, is scheduled for publication next Tuesday by Random House.

Michael Schaub, a journalist and regular contributor to NPR, lives near Austin, Texas.