Books by A.A. Milne

Released: Feb. 1, 2000

Pooh might describe this 1925 offering from Milne as a Very Small Tale, and so it is, but gentle and sweet withal. Princess Daffodil is the only daughter after six sons of the king and queen, and at her christening the Fairy Mumruffin grants her the gift of flowers, which will grow wherever she steps. When the princess begins toddling about the king's favorite thinking place, strewing flowers everywhere, the king decides she must keep off the paths entirely. After a few years of this, the doctor pronounces that she must do what little girls do: "She must run about more. She must climb hills and roll down them. She must hope and skip and jump." So the queen finds a solution in a small hill, where Daffodil can do all those things to her heart's content, and where children play and pick the posies she makes there. Brown, who remembered the story from her own mother's telling, who remembered it from her mother, has created delicate and winsome illustrations that are also precise: the various species of flowers are easily identifiable. Children will be charmed by the little doll-like faces of the characters and the excellent fairy colors, pastel-colored to jewel-toned as needed. (Picture book. 4-7) Read full book review >