Books by Adams Round Table

Released: Aug. 6, 2002

"No standouts, despite the starry cast of contributors, but no real disappointments either."
Anybody who buys the anthologies produced by the distinguished friends who share a monthly dinner (Murder Among Friends, 2000, etc.) for the stories' faithfulness to the announced topic will wonder how, broad as the topic is this time, it can be stretched to include Stanley Cohen's anecdote of a john whose gesture of kindness to a prostitute goes wrong. Read full book review >
MURDER ON THE RUN by Adams Round Table
Released: Feb. 1, 1998

"An all-star lineup that, sadly, offers no more excitement than the average All-Star game."
Eleven more stories by the self-styled successors to the Algonquin Round Table who seem to defray the costs of their monthly dinners by periodic anthologies (Justice in Manhattan, 1994, etc.). Read full book review >