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I was born and bred in the North East of England and had a very conventional 70’s childhood, (lots of convenience food and bad TV). I went to the local primary school and comprehensive and then on to Leicester University to read English Language and Liter

LUST FOR LIFE by Adele Parks
Released: Nov. 1, 2005

"Throw in all the right ingredients—fashion, sex and female empowerment—blend, and out comes this frothy, enjoyable read."
Two sisters, one prim and proper, the other hip and artsy, lose and find love, and have a few epiphanies as to what makes a healthy relationship in 21st-century London. Read full book review >
PLAYING AWAY by Adele Parks
Released: July 11, 2000

"A balanced exploration of the rules of marriage."
An affecting first novel successfully combines a cheeky first-person narrative with a serious look at the consequences of adultery. Read full book review >