Books by Al Sarrantonio

999 by Al Sarrantonio
Released: Sept. 7, 1999

"Perhaps not quite the literary benchmark editor Sarrantonio hopes—nor is its excellence as consistent as some annuals by female editors of erotic suspense and vampire tales—but it will certainly be around for decades. ($200,000 ad/promo)"
Following the steps of groundbreaking anthologies such as Harlan Ellison's Dangerous Visions (not reviewed) and Kirby McCauley's Dark Forces (1980), this major publication of supernatural horror and nonsupernatural suspense offers 27 original works (no reprints) by Young Turks and top authors in the field. Read full book review >
SUMMER COOL by Al Sarrantonio
Released: Aug. 16, 1993

"Sleep well, America."
When her husband Bobby, a Yonkers cop, goes out for ice cream one hot night and never comes back—pausing in his flight only long enough to make an abusive 4 a.m. phone call and clean out their bank accounts—Terry Petty calls Bobby's old friend and former colleague, stargazing shamus Jack Paine (who debuted in Cold Night, 1989). Read full book review >
COLD NIGHT by Al Sarrantonio
Released: March 20, 1989

Jack Paine, a tortured ex-cop now working for a Yonkers, N.Y., detective agency, is the depressed hero of this uneven hard-boiled melodrama—which begins when tycoon Morris Grumbach, a recent widower, hangs himself in a hotel room. . .just after putting in a bizarre phone-call to shamus Paine. Read full book review >