Books by Alan MacDonald

TROLLS, GO HOME! by Alan MacDonald
Released: May 1, 2007

Three hairy trolls find the road to acceptance particularly rocky when they try to settle in a quiet suburb. Humiliated at being defeated by a mere goat, Egbert Troll brings his wife Nora and their son Ulrik all the way from Norway to a house in Biddlesden. However, he then begins to repent when it proves impossible to find decorative cow pies for their distressingly clean new house, juicy young goats to eat or much of a welcome from their horrified neighbors, the Priddles. Ulrik gets off on the wrong paw at school, too, after following the advice of sly classmate Warren Priddle to greet the teacher with a bite. Beech's occasional ink-and-wash views of dismayed "peeples" facing grody-looking trolls decked out in bones and random tufts of hair underscore the lightly comic tone. Told almost entirely from the Trolls' point of view, the tale ends happily after Ulrik saves Warren from a charging goat on a class trip to a farm—by singing a sweet song that also earns the young troll a spot in the school's talent show. Despite Egbert's bluster, no goats are harmed in the course of this mild farce. (Fantasy. 9-11)Read full book review >
SCAREDY MOUSE by Alan MacDonald
Released: March 1, 2001

Nibbles and Squeak embark on an adventure to retrieve some chocolate cake from the kitchen, but what are two little mice against the big, ginger cat, especially when Squeak is "a small mouse, a scared mouse, a stay-at-home mouse." Even though Squeak is afraid, his rumbling stomach and Nibbles's insistence convince him. With the end of a ball of string tied around his waist, Squeak—with his sister, Nibbles—begins his journey. Around each corner, Squeak spies an object that he is convinced is the ginger cat, ready to pounce, but each time Nibbles points out that it is just scarf, or a toy, a pillow, or the feather duster. Finally after Squeak has just about run himself ragged from fear, they spot the cake and in no time at all, they are whisker-deep in chocolate. After filling themselves, they begin to head home with a large slice of cake in tow, but suddenly there is the ginger cat. Just as it looks as if Nibbles and Squeak have had their last adventure, the ginger cat becomes so tangled in the string that Squeak has been trailing that he can't move. Tied all in knots, the cat is not as scary and Squeak becomes a "bold-as-a-lion-mouse." Expressive, comical illustrations add even more whimsy to this amusing tale. (Picture book. 3-7)Read full book review >