Books by Alan Riggs

Released: July 27, 1998

Boilerplate fantasy, of which a substantially different version was written originally by Richey, rewritten by Anthony's researcher Riggs, and finally tweaked and buffed by Anthony. Young elf-enchantress Chentelle accidentally intercepts a message from Marcus Alanda, the High Bishop of Norivika, summoning the apprentice of the wizard A'pon Boemarre. Chentelle sets off to deliver the message and, along the way, saves Sulmar, a banished warrior prince (he has an evil black dragon tattoo but is basically a good guy) from an evil-magic Ill-creature; Sulmar naturally becomes her devotee. She delivers the message to the irascible, drunken A'stoc, a survivor of the last battle of the Wizards' War, in which the Dark One was vanquished (but not, of course, killed). A'stoc reluctantly picks up his Thunderwood Staff, the magic of which he can no longer command, and agrees to come. Also receiving a summons is Lord Dacius Gemine of the Legion; despite Dacius's vorpal sword, his ship is attacked by another Ill-creature and he barely survives to reach Norivika. The Bishop, meanwhile, has received from the mysterious disembodied voice that he calls his Protector a knowledge of the evil he must face. All these characters will be involved together in the quest to locate the evil Fallen Star. The Thunderwood Staff, you see, must ignite the Sphere of Ohnn, which alone can destroy the aforementioned Star. Pleasant. Read full book review >