Books by Alastair Hannay

Released: March 3, 2014

"A text that will appeal to philosophers and Kierkegaard-ians but will leave readers with more general interests feeling…anxious."
Noted Kierkegaard scholar, translator and biographer Hannay (Emeritus, Philosophy/Univ. of Oslo; Kierkegaard: A Biography, 2001) offers a new translation of a little-known but significant work (1944) about the relationship between sin and anxiety. Read full book review >
KIERKEGAARD by Alastair Hannay
Released: Sept. 1, 2001

"Kierkegaard's great fear was that later thinkers would cram his life's work into a two-paragraph précis; Hannay has gone to great lengths to prevent that from ever happening."
An intellectual biography of Denmark's second-most famous melancholic. Read full book review >