Books by Albert G. Rodriguez

JEWISH ALPHABET by Janet Clement
Released: Oct. 1, 2006

The Anglo rather than Hebrew alphabet is used here as a loose tie-in presenting Jewish-related information on holidays, customs, traditions and certain religious practices. While some letter connections seem sensibly Jewish-oriented—"K is for Kiddush, a prayer over wine / thanking God for giving us the fruit of the vine / L is for latkes fried 'til crisp and yummy / Add applesauce or sour cream and fill up your tummy"—others seem stretched and more generic: "A is for animals, boarding Noah's Ark / hurrying on two by two before the sky turns dark / B is for bagels baked golden brown / many varieties, all of them round." In addition to displaying upper- and lower-case letters and extra words for each letter, the author provides explanations for each concept. Mixed-media illustrations incorporate the shape of the letter into the object each represents, and accompany prose and uneven and imperfectly rhymed text. An introductory hodgepodge of information, at best. (Picture book/nonfiction. 5-7)Read full book review >