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NOVA SCOTIA by Alexa Thompson
Released: Nov. 9, 1995

The breezy approach of this title in the Hello Canada series as well as its autograph-album size makes getting acquainted with the neighbors to the north painless. ``Hi! My name is Barkley. . . . I will be helping you make sense of . . . maps and charts,'' says a cartoon-style Scotsman on the first page. Thompson writes in a solidly factual manner—so solidly factual, in fact, that without Barkley, some inventive graphics, and a large number of historical reproductions and full-color photographs, readers might find themselves on information-overload. This is an inviting, broad introduction to the land of the Bluenosers (so-called for the Bay of Fundy fishermen's wintertime noses), Evangeline, and Glooscap, who according to Micmac legend created this region. (maps, statistics, chronology, charts, glossary, index, glossary) (Nonfiction. 8-12) Read full book review >