Books by Alfred Eisenstaedt

WIMBLEDON by John McPhee
Released: May 15, 1972

McPhee's text — a chapter on Wimbledon 1970 and one describing the work of lawnskeeper Robert Twynam — is as well executed as a service ace, although you might have read it all before in The New Yorker or A Roomful of Hovings (1968) where the Twynam piece has previously appeared or Playboy which ran the other one last year. Thoughtful tennis reportage is appreciated and McPhee's ranks with the best; likewise Eisenstaedt's photographs are very good indeed, capturing Wimbledon from star players to reverential spectators to the bobbies who patrol the Members' Enclosure. Notwithstanding this is a luxury item at the price — only for those who so love the game that they know the value of a steel racket. Read full book review >