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WINNING TEAM by Dominique Moceanu
Released: April 17, 2012

"This insider's view gives an interesting perspective on gymnasts' lives, from their grueling work schedule and training methods to risk of injuries and even superstitious obsessions, but don't expect any winning medals. (Fiction. 10-12)"
Finally, young female gymnasts have a book to call their own in this first title in The Go-for-Gold Gymnasts series, co-authored by Olympic gold medalist Moceanu. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 11, 2009

Leigh's psych classes at Stiles College do little to help her understand why sex still doesn't seem like a good idea with her brainy, long-term boyfriend, why she can't stop thinking about his sweet, guitar-playing roommate and why her competitive classmates care so much about making her look stupid. A classic romantic-comedy formula feels fresh thanks to Leigh's witty, semi-slacker narration, adorably kooky persona and background—her parents read tarot cards and run a business as spiritual advisors. Leigh's breakup with the pretentious beau sends her into a dark period of self-pity, and even a titillating road trip with Nate (the one!) can't quite snap her out of it. Readers will speed through the final pages, looking for that fantastic kiss that will bring Nate and Leigh together. The college experience dominates much of the book; older teens looking ahead might enjoy anticipating their time away from home, but younger readers won't relate. Leigh's concern with sexual readiness will leave readers of all ages doing a little self-analysis and thinking about their own decisions. (Fiction. 16 & up)Read full book review >