Books by Allan Mallinson

A REGIMENTAL AFFAIR by Allan Mallinson
Released: Feb. 26, 2002

"Battle fans may find this episode of the captain's adventures a bit too concerned with the inner workings of military careerism, but Mallinson has cooked up a hearty historical stew all the same."
In previous installments, British cavalry officer Mallinson (Honorable Company, 2000, etc.) offered us the beginnings of Captain Matthew Hervey's army career—which was born amid the stress of the Napoleonic Wars and grew up with the colonial campaigns in Ireland and India. Read full book review >
HONORABLE COMPANY by Allan Mallinson
Released: Dec. 5, 2000

"The author's love of 19th-century detail almost buries what should be a vivid adventure tale. Like the wines his characters so frequently quaff, though, this series will improve with age."
The 19th-century adventures of Captain Matthew Hervey continue as our dashing hero, on a spying mission to India, tangles with bloodthirsty Pindaree raiders, conniving agents of the British East India company, a righteous rajah, and a wild, crashing boar. Read full book review >
A CLOSE RUN THING by Allan Mallinson
Released: June 8, 1999

"Some saddle sores from Mallinson's affection for 19th-century turns of phrase, but, on the whole, a rousing, chastely nostalgic tale of valiant heroism and dashing derring-do."
Pompous oafs, a sly heiress, and a beguiling nun prove just as challenging as battlefield perils to a British cornet who plays a decisive role in Wellington's defeat of Napoleon. Read full book review >