Books by Allen Hoffman

TWO FOR THE DEVIL by Allen Hoffman
Released: Sept. 1, 1998

"And he hasn—t lost his taste for the miraculous nature of the everyday, a fascination that makes him one of the logical heirs to the legacy of Isaac Bashevis Singer. (Author tour)"
Hoffman's latest and bleakest work—the third in his Small Worlds cycle (Small Worlds, 1996; Big League Dreams, 1997)—continues the saga of the disciples of the Krimsker Rebbe in the darkening years of the —30s and —40s. Read full book review >
BIG LEAGUE DREAMS by Allen Hoffman
Released: Sept. 1, 1997

"First-rate fiction: reminiscent as noted of such precursors as Sholom Aleichem, but possessed of distinctive individual strengths and firmly rooted in its characters' strange new land and even stranger adventures."
Like its predecessor, Small Worlds (1996), Hoffman's second in a series limns an affectionate and affecting portrayal of Polish Jews resettled in 20th-century America. Read full book review >
SMALL WORLDS by Allen Hoffman
Released: Oct. 1, 1996

"A highly entertaining, affectionate glance back at the Old World, inflected by a refreshing intellectual clarity that is most refreshing."
Auspicious debuts for Hoffman, a short-story writer with, here, a first novel, and Abbeville, an art-book publisher making an initial entry into fiction. Read full book review >