Books by Amanda Leslie

Released: May 1, 1999

Pint-sized sleuths use written and visual clues to discover the identities of their quarry in this diverting and ingenious approach to the standard lift-the-flap format. Each spread features a riddle, written in multicolored block letters, superimposed over the image of the animal in question, revealing only a tantalizing glimpse of the creature's front and hind quarters. Additional clues are provided by the particular sound associated with the animal—perhaps a quack, an oink, or a hiss. A turn of the half page in the center of the spread reveals the full animal and its name overhead. Leslie's riddles offer concrete clues while remaining silly enough to tickle preschoolers' fancies: "Who has a snuffly pink snout and a curly whirly tail?" Vivid backgrounds, generous use of colors, and amiable creatures contribute to this gleeful tour of the animal kingdom. (Picture book. 2-5) Read full book review >