Books by Andrew Britton

THE OPERATIVE by Andrew Britton
Released: July 1, 2012

"Don't worry about the American democratic system. As Bishop sneers to the archvillain at bay, 'it always self-corrects. It was designed to do that.'"
Ex-CIA agent Ryan Kealey (The American, 2006, etc.) returns to save the world again, this time from a bunch of terrorists armed with two nuclear weapons. Read full book review >
THE AMERICAN by Andrew Britton
Released: March 7, 2006

"Plot and cast have that derivative feel, and while the 24-year-old debut novelist can serve up an arresting action scene, that isn't enough to counter the pervasive pall of déjà vu."
A debut thriller about a vengeful terrorist who proposes to destroy the United States. Read full book review >