Books by Andrew Coburn

WIDOW’S WALK by Andrew Coburn
Released: April 1, 2001

"Coburn's style is terse, almost staccato, but his formidable skill at character portrayal and plot development would make the publication of his British backlist more than welcome on his native shores."
Veteran Coburn (No Way Home, 1992, etc.) hails from New England, but his new mystery, first published in England in 1984, is new only to Americans. Read full book review >
BIRTHRIGHT by Andrew Coburn
Released: Oct. 1, 1997

"A revelation almost unbearably tender and haunting."
Once again, Coburn (Voices in the Dark, 1994, etc.) uses crime as the point of departure for an examination of his troubled characters. Read full book review >
VOICES IN THE DARK by Andrew Coburn
Released: Feb. 10, 1994

"Unsparing portraits of everybody—from grieving mother Beverly Gunner to painter Mary Williams, involved with a new man but still frantically seeking Dudley—make this new chapter of small-town passion as memorably disturbing as No Way Home."
As usual, there's not much love lost among the couples in the bedroom community of Bensington, Mass., despite all the coupling they're doing in each other's bedrooms. Read full book review >
NO WAY HOME by Andrew Coburn
Released: July 13, 1992

"Forget the on-again, off-again plot: the real treat here is the fun-house gallery of sad-eyed loonies, from patently crazy Junior to the townsfolk, whose normalcy is only relative."
This comes on like a police procedural, but don't be fooled: Coburn (The Babysitter, Goldilocks, etc.) is actually using homicide as an excuse to peer under the window shades of another of his New England towns. Read full book review >