Books by Angus Wells

Released: Jan. 1, 1996

In Wells's huge new fantasy (the paperback Lords of the Sky, etc.), the Amerindian-like People live harmoniously with the land and each other—until young warrior Rannach's rivalry with Vachyr over the beautiful Arrhyna causes fighting among the tribes. Then True Dreamer Morrhyn finds that his talent for predictive dreams, by which he guided the tribes, has deserted him. Worse still, the People and their mountain-dwelling dwarflike miner Grannach allies are beset by invaders—the insensate, rainbow-armored Breakers. Elsewhere, in the distant land Evander, ruled by the corrupt Autarch by force and magic, three people are sentenced on trumped- up charges to branding and exile: serving girl Flysse Cobal, gentleman duelist Arcole Blayke, and young thief Davyd Furth—whose True Dreams are his deepest secret. On the long sea voyage to the land of Salvation, only Davyd's predictive Dreams enable the three to survive the hazards of the journey and make plans to escape their enslavement once they arrive. Meanwhile, Morrhyn makes a pilgrimage to Maker's Mountain, where he recovers his ability to Dream; he orders the People to unite once more, and opens a magical gate for them to step through into Salvation. But the internecine battles continue despite the Dreamer's injunction, and eventually Morrhyn's good guys will meet up with Arcole and company to put an end to the rebels. A great big lumbering ox of a yarn, predictable and overweight, with nothing fresh or new to attract uncommitted readers. Read full book review >