Books by Anita Richmond Bunkley

BALANCING ACT by Anita Richmond Bunkley
Released: July 15, 1997

"Fast-moving and realistic, though readers will wish that Bunkley had found ways of tempering all its somber business with other kinds of liveliness in characters and events. (Author tour)"
Bunkley (Starlight Passage, 1996, etc.) has toned down her tendency toward purple prose, but, ironically, while the writing's vastly improved in this new outing, the plot could use some livening up. Read full book review >
STARLIGHT PASSAGE by Anita Richmond Bunkley
Released: May 28, 1996

"Bunkley continues to overwrite, but, still, this is her best work to date. (Author tour)"
A spirited historical tour with bestselling Bunkley's customary tablespoon of sugar (Black Gold, 1994, etc.): The facts go down easily enough, but the lavender prose leaves a bit of a headache. Read full book review >
WILD EMBERS by Anita Richmond Bunkley
Released: Feb. 13, 1995

"The war against segregation on the home front, hobbled by bad prose and melodramatic chestnuts. (Author tour)"
No wild embers in this tearjerker about breaking color barriers during WW II. Read full book review >
BLACK GOLD by Anita Richmond Bunkley
Released: Feb. 2, 1994

"Despite interesting historical documentation of a neglected chapter of African-American history: a saga marred by oily, overheated prose that renders the characters as insubstantial as layers of methane gas."
African-Americans battle and lust after one another as they struggle to gain control of an oil field in Texas in the 1920's: a well-researched if clichÇ-gushing first hardcover. Read full book review >