Books by Ann Herbert Scott

HI! by Ann Herbert Scott
by Ann Herbert Scott, illustrated by Glo Coalson
Released: May 12, 1994

"Coalson's soft, bright watercolor illustrations depict an appealingly doe-eyed tot and a realistically motley mixture of other folks at the P.O. Try this for the toddler group. (Picture book. 2-6)"
Standing in line at the post office, little Margarita greets each new patron with a cheery ``Hi!''; but when she gets nary a nod in return her assurance begins to diminish. Read full book review >
COWBOY COUNTRY by Ann Herbert Scott
Released: Aug. 15, 1993

"Authentic information, presented with real artistry. (Picture book. 4-10)"
A cowboy (``about as real as an old buckaroo can get'') takes a boy who's ``never met a real cowboy before'' to his ranch, saddles him a pinto, and takes him out on the range for an overnight, sharing memories and know-how in laconic, wonderfully well-honed descriptions in the manner of one who has long pondered in solitude what he cares for most. Read full book review >
A BRAND IS FOREVER by Ann Herbert Scott
Released: March 22, 1993

"A realistic and perceptive slice of ranch life, seamlessly incorporating a good deal of information on branding (there's an informative note, too), and tenderly illustrated in Himler's signature watercolor style. (Fiction/Young reader. 6-10)"
An unsentimental, but not unsympathetic, story about a child who has ``always looked forward to branding day'' and its excitement and neighborly cooperation—until she has her own calf. Read full book review >