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YOU’RE GROWING UP, PONTUS! by Ann-Sofie Jeppson
Released: Sept. 8, 2001

Jeppson (Here Comes Pontus, not reviewed) attempts to create a story as she educates young readers about horses, their equipment, and breeds. Told in a series of journal entries it comes from Pontus the pony's point of view. This frisky young horse takes the reader into the pasture, where he begins his seasonal routine. Summer is coming to an end, and Pontus is feeling melancholy about his inevitable confinement. However, soon after, he's brought inside the stable and the reader follows him through winter as he shares thoughts and feelings about his care. Jeppson places emphasis on the do's and don'ts of horsemanship, but trying to mask the lesson behind the story fails to work here. The text is choppy and dry and the inconsistencies are obvious with the all-knowing horse that understands the terms pitch-black and cousin, but doesn't know the words "hair" or "television." Young readers interested in learning about horses and horseback riding could best use this piece as a beginner's reference guide, but the story itself is lacking. Kruusval's (By Geezers and Galoshes, p. 104, etc.) paintings give children a real view into a horse's way of life. Her cartoon-like art easily grabs the attention of readers and works well with the corresponding definitions. However, although they are educational, definitions and illustrations of horseback riding equipment, breeds, markings, and colorings are randomly placed on pages in an arrangement that is less than pleasing to the eye. A weak story that could have been a great addition to the numerous facts collected within. (Picture book. 5-7)Read full book review >