Books by Anna Gavalda

Anna Gavalda is an internationally acclaimed bestselling author, widely regarded as one of France's newest literary stars. A former high-school French teacher and mother of two, she is also the author of I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere.

Released: April 3, 2007

"A charming account of achieving happiness against the odds."
Three oddballs form an alternative family in Paris; its warm heart and youthful vibe have made Gavalda's novel, originally published in France in 2004, a bestseller in that country and elsewhere. Read full book review >
SOMEONE I LOVED by Anna Gavalda
Released: April 28, 2005

"Intense and immediate as a late-night conversation between lovers, this should draw readers to the bestselling Gavalda. "
Gavalda (stories: I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere, 2004, etc.) offers up a minimalist first novel as compelling as it is slight. Read full book review >
95 POUNDS OF HOPE by Anna Gavalda
Released: Oct. 1, 2003

French Gregory Dubosc, 13, hates school and has since his first day. He can build anything with his hands, but after kindergarten none of his classes makes use of that skill. His parents don't get along. His grandfather, who is his best friend, is ill. Nothing is going Gregory's way, so he shuts down. When he is held back a second time, his parents decide to send him to boarding school. Gregory finds one he wouldn't mind attending, but they have high standards. The right amount of prodding from his grandfather and work on Gregory's part get him the second chance he needs. This slight volume by a French journalist and adult-novelist will satisfy reluctant readers, school-haters, and square pegs of all stripes. Gregory narrates his own story with an authentic, honest voice that could issue from the mouth of any tween in any Western country. Some story elements might appear over-used, but small surprises make them Gregory's own. A hopeful, genuine story that will be an asset to any collection. (Fiction. 10-14)Read full book review >