Books by Anne Taylor Fleming

Anne Taylor Fleming is a nationally recognized journalist. She is a regular on-camera essayist for The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and the author of Marriage: A Duet and Motherhood Deferred: A Woman’s Journey. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, New

AS IF LOVE WERE ENOUGH by Anne Taylor Fleming
Released: April 11, 2006

"A valiant effort, though the forced rapprochement with troublesome characters Louise and Michael don't sit well."
Journalist Fleming's second foray into fiction, after the charming novella Marriage (2003), delivers a 40ish New Yorker from a dead-end affair with an older man into a reconciliation with her estranged sister. Read full book review >
MARRIAGE: A DUET by Anne Taylor Fleming
Released: Jan. 1, 2003

"Fleming's transition from first-person opinion pieces to fiction is for the most part effortless: she's an adept writer unafraid of the darknesses (and sex lives) of her characters."
Two tight, elegantly composed and from-the-gut novellas about the rupturing effects of adultery in essentially loving marriages make up TV commentator Fleming's (Motherhood Deferred, 1994) natural first foray into fiction. Read full book review >
MOTHERHOOD DEFERRED by Anne Taylor Fleming
Released: June 15, 1994

"Manipulative yet effectively moving and very personal—a diary written with the benefit of hindsight. (First serial to the New York Times Magazine)"
The desperate quest to conceive, by a middle-aged, fadingly fertile woman who had nurtured her freelance writing career until the brink of too late. Read full book review >