Books by Anoosha Syed

KID SCIENTISTS by David Stabler
Released: Oct. 9, 2018

"Worthy role models all. (source list, index) (Collective biography. 10-13)"
Portraits of 16 bright lights in the scientific firmament, with particular focus on some of their lesser-known quirks and achievements. Read full book review >
MILLA TAKES CHARGE by Erin Soderberg
Released: June 5, 2018

"This book is for readers who are really into princesses and ready for longer chapter books. (Fiction. 8-11)"
In the first book of this new Disney series, Milla learns to recognize her own strengths as she pursues an adventure with a new group of friends. Read full book review >
FURY ON THE DANCE FLOOR by Benjamin Harper
Released: May 29, 2018

"This entomological adventure celebrates teamwork and girl power. (Adventure. 7-12)"
Two preteen girl superheroes struggle with their personal differences and contend with a diabolical geriatric. Read full book review >
BUG GIRL by Benjamin Harper
Released: May 2, 2017

"Bearing all the campy hallmarks and high drama of a classic superhero romp, this entertaining but formulaic tale also features interesting entomological tidbits throughout. (Adventure. 8-12)"
An insect-obsessed sixth-grader must convince her snobby former best friend to join forces with her in order to save their mothers from a dastardly villain. Read full book review >