Books by Anthony Bruno

HOT FUDGE by Anthony Bruno
Released: Aug. 1, 2000

The New Jersey Jump Squad's Loretta Kovacs and Frank Marvelli (Double Espresso, 1999) take time off from chasing parole violators to chasing each other, going from stakeout to make out in the department's Chevy Cavalier. Read full book review >

Released: Aug. 1, 2000

"Although the Armstrong character—a macho man with a laudable mission—occasionally calls to mind a comic-book superhero, Million Man March supporters should find this agreeable reading."
The street-savvy founder of the Seekers (a group of bounty hunters who see their mission as not just finding men who have skipped bail but saving their souls as well) briskly recounts his own life and the work of his unique organization. Read full book review >
DOUBLE ESPRESSO by Anthony Bruno
Released: Aug. 17, 1998

Another madcap adventure for New Jersey parole officers Loretta Kovacs and Frank Marvelli, assigned this time to bring back an errant hit man who just happens to be Marvelli's brother-in-law. Read full book review >

DEVIL'S FOOD by Anthony Bruno
Released: Feb. 11, 1997

With her career in New Jersey's criminal justice system on the skids, Loretta Kovacs gets a new lease on professional life as a tracker of cons on the lam: a divertingly comic entertainment with a bittersweet bite from Bruno (Bad Apple, 1994, etc.). Having lost her high-profile job as assistant warden at a state penitentiary following a riot during which she was held hostage, chubby Loretta is posted to the Parole Violators' Search Unit, a dumping ground known as the Jump Squad. Read full book review >

BAD APPLE by Anthony Bruno
Released: Nov. 1, 1994

The day before Thanksgiving things always go a little haywire. Read full book review >

Released: Sept. 7, 1993

Smoothly written bio of a lone-wolf executioner for the mob. In his first nonfiction book, mystery author Bruno (Bad Moon, 1992, etc.) puts his writing talents to white-knuckle use with a tight focus on a killer with no human feelings except toward his wife and three sons. Read full book review >

BAD MOON by Anthony Bruno
Released: July 2, 1992

As a pre-40th birthday surprise, FBI hotdogger Gibbons gifts partner Tozzi (Bad Business, etc.) with an introduction to luscious young Stacy, TV spokesperson for a trendy pump-iron health club. Read full book review >

BAD BUSINESS by Anthony Bruno
Released: July 8, 1991

A lesser outing for antic FBI team Gibbons and Tozzi finds Tozzi framed for the murder of a key witness against a Mafia dope ring. The real killer, Assistant US District Attorney (and New York mayoral hopeful) Tom Augustine, gets inspired by Tozzi's offhand remark—faithfully reported in the next day's news—that somebody oughta execute, gangland-style, all 18 defendants and their lawyers in a monster drug case (a case that prosecutor Augustine, the New York connection for the Sicilian mob, has been straining to shepherd into a mistrial). Read full book review >