Books by Antony Sher

THE INDOOR BOY by Antony Sher
Released: May 1, 1992

"Slow to start but ultimately gripping."
The final days of apartheid are the setting for the salvation of Leon, a determinedly nonheroic South African exile, in this ambitious third novel (Middlepost, 1989, etc.) from South African- born actor and writer Sher, now living in London. Read full book review >
MIDDLEPOST by Antony Sher
Released: April 6, 1989

In his first novel, South African-born actor Sher, now living in England, offers an inventive and tragicomic vision of his birthplace through the misadventures of a Jewish immigrant from Lithuania—despised there as the family fool—who arrives at the Cape of Good Hope at the turn of the century. Read full book review >