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PAPER BIRD by Arcadio Lobato
Released: Nov. 5, 1994

Whimsical, cartoonish color illustrations set the scene in a Renaissance-like European town, full of stone towers and red- roofed quadrangles. Late at night, an artist draws a picture of a bird, which gets knocked out the window by a cross, sleepy black cat; as the paper floats toward earth, the bird is convinced he can fly downward, and only needs to learn to fly up. A succession of real birds—ravens, an owl, sparrows, swifts—catch him in their beaks and try to teach him to fly, awed by how miraculous he is. By the time he lands in the street, where the artist's cat finds him and takes him home, he's become proud to be a work of art. The bird then gets a wonderful surprise: The artist turns him into a kite for a little girl and sends him flying upward. An upbeat, charming fable from Lobato (Just One Wish, not reviewed, etc.), pervaded by an infectious sense of joy. (Fiction/Picture book. 5-8) Read full book review >