Books by Aubrey Lang

BABY KOALA by Aubrey Lang
by Aubrey Lang, photographed by Wayne Lynch
Released: Jan. 1, 2005

New entries in the "Nature Babies" series, these combine, as previously, simply worded texts with plenty of small color photos taken in the wild, and follow newly born animals through their first years. Lang mentions predators, but keeps the overall tone light—"Koalas are lazybones. They sleep and sleep and sleep. They sleep twice as long as you do."—and Lynch follows suit, with cute close-ups of babies snuggling against their mothers' chests, the young three-toed sloth scratching his head in a seemingly puzzled way, and the like. Still, capped by a page each of closing facts, there's enough specific information here—koalas are so logy because eucalyptus leaves provide a low-energy diet—to satisfy the most demanding young naturalists. (index) (Nonfiction. 7-9)Read full book review >
EAGLES by Aubrey Lang
Released: Dec. 1, 1990

In the "Sierra Club Wildlife Library," a book with elegant full-color photos but a text that is merely adequate, Sattler's excellent The Book of Eagles (1989), a book of similar difficulty and length, has set a standard difficult to match. For example, Lang states only that the "Eagle eggs are about the size of chickens' eggs," while Sattler devoted a whole page to describing eagles' eggs, noting variations in color, texture, and size (the smallest like chickens' eggs, but the largest as big as the plastic eggs used to package panty hose). In describing Africa's vulturine eagle, Lang says, "It is the only eagle. . .that is a vegetarian." Sattler disputes the vegetarian claim: ". . .[it] also eats small fish, crabs, and frogs." Lang also doesn't provide scientific names; if an additional source is warranted, however, Lang should be considered, primarily for its excellent photos. Index. Read full book review >