Books by Audrey Osofsky

MY BUDDY by Audrey Osofsky
by Audrey Osofsky, illustrated by Ted Rand
Released: Oct. 1, 1992

"A detailed, upbeat picture of happy cooperation between boy and dog, appealingly illustrated with realistic watercolors. (Picture book. 4-10)"
A lad with multiple sclerosis describes his Service Dog—an unusually intelligent, affectionate golden retriever whose name is Buddy and who not only fetches and carries (he has a backpack marked ``Working Dog—Don't Touch'') but also turns out lights, pushes elevator buttons, showers with his wheelchair-confined master, and does dozens of other tasks at home and at school. Read full book review >
DREAMCATCHER by Audrey Osofsky
Released: March 1, 1992

"A quiet glimpse of family affection and other universals within a particular traditional culture. (Picture book. 0-4)"
With a willow twig and nettle-stalk twine, an Ojibway baby's sister weaves a weblike ``dreamcatcher'' to hang above the crib and sift out bad dreams. Read full book review >