Books by Audy Joyce Zarins

Released: June 5, 1991

A partially successful attempt to show the evolution of humankind and its inventions, from 3,500,000 B.C. to the present. A typical two-page spread gives a brief paragraph of text, a full-page illustration (brown ink and watercolor wash in a serviceable style), plus brief marginal notes and illustrations of ``what's new'' in the period. Unfortunately, there's no attempt here to distinguish between conjecture and fact, while dates presented as fact are sometimes at odds with those in reputable sources (e.g., Sattler's Hominids, 1988, which dates the earliest tools as much as 1.5 million years later, and the Encyclopedia Americana, which differs by at least 1000 years on the earliest use of bronze). The choice of inventions among the relatively few cited is sometimes curious: eyeglasses; printing press; croissants; piano. Still, while the idea has been imperfectly realized, this simple presentation of evolving inventions will intrigue younger science and history buffs. No sources for information or artifacts; no index. (Nonfiction. 6- 10) Read full book review >