Books by Augusten Burroughs

Augusten Burroughs is the # 1 bestselling author of Magical Thinking: true stories, Dry: a memoir, Running with Scissors: a memoir and Sellevision, a novel. His books have been published in fifteen countries and both Sellevision and Running with Scissors

LUST & WONDER by Augusten Burroughs
Released: March 29, 2016

"A satisfying success story from a reliably outspoken raconteur."
The bestselling author is back with a chronicle of his exasperating love life in New York City following addiction and recovery. Read full book review >
Released: May 8, 2012

"Despite pages of platitudes, Burroughs provides plenty of worthy material on the absurdity of the human condition and the unpredictability of contemporary life."
Acclaimed memoirist Burroughs (You Better Not Cry: Stories for Christmas, 2009, etc.) charts new territory, offering his readers advice on life. Read full book review >
YOU BETTER NOT CRY by Augusten Burroughs
Released: Oct. 27, 2009

"Another winner from a master of comic timing and poignant reflection."
The high priest of mortifying disaster serves up a fine selection of cringe-inducing yuletide fiascos. Read full book review >
A WOLF AT THE TABLE by Augusten Burroughs
Released: April 29, 2008

"A deeply felt personal essay padded to book length."
Memoir about the bestselling autobiographer's father manages flashes of insight but turns into yet another baroque chronicle of Burroughs's damaged childhood (Possible Side Effects, 2006, etc.). Read full book review >
POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS by Augusten Burroughs
Released: May 2, 2006

"Wears a little thin by the end, but still no mean effort. Sometimes, a genuine laugh or 20 is enough."
Popular memoirist Burroughs (Running with Scissors, 2002, etc.) again turns his whirligig neuroses into something resembling a book. Read full book review >
MAGICAL THINKING by Augusten Burroughs
Released: Oct. 5, 2004

"Dementedly original and unstoppable: Burroughs deserves a shelf all to himself, just as an unpredictable convict might require protective custody."
Growing pains come first, then the adult pains, from the ever-odd, tragically farcical Burroughs. Read full book review >
DRY by Augusten Burroughs
Released: June 1, 2003

"Didn't think you'd ever feel even an ounce of sympathy for—let alone root for—a drunken adman, did you? Meet Mr. Burroughs."
Like the alcohol he so enjoys, Burroughs's story of getting dry will go straight into your bloodstream and leave you buzzing, exhilarated, and wiped out. Read full book review >
RUNNING WITH SCISSORS by Augusten Burroughs
Released: July 1, 2002

"An unusual upbringing, reconstituted into a very usual memoir."
Autobiography of adolescent trauma depicting the author's quest for survival in an unorthodox family alongside his quest for fabulous hair. Read full book review >
SELLEVISION by Augusten Burroughs
Released: Sept. 1, 2000

A first novel that tries for the fierce bite of satire but ends up with not much more than nasty little nibbles at the familiar. Read full book review >