Books by Austin Tappan Wright

ISLANDIA by Austin Tappan Wright
Released: April 9, 1942

I expected to be a trifle bored with this — and I was pleasantly disappointed when I found myself going off on my own Islandia excursions, wondering why this wasn't discussed, what they thought about that, where they would have fitted into the world today. For here carried to degree — is one man's conception of an imaginary land and people, no Martians, but people that are over the border of our known boundaries, d on all counts. Islandia — in Austin Wright's life — grew to be a major interest, he developed this boyhood fantasy into a well-rounded, documented, social studied country. And this is the novel he wrote about it. It is too long — yes, longer, I think, than Anthony Adverse. And there's too much dissertation — too detailed record of political council meetings — and too little coming to grips with emotional values and story and incident. And yet, it provided a good many hours of pure escape reading. Definitely a stunt book, a literary and imaginative tour de force. Watch it. Read full book review >