Books by Avishai Margalit

Released: March 22, 2004

"There's nothing particularly new here, at least not to readers of Karl Popper and Bernard Lewis, but Occidentalism makes for a needed provocation all the same."
How do I loathe thee? Let the mullahs count the ways. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 1998

"But others will enjoy the resounding uneasiness of Margalit's pieces."
Sixteen thoughtful, sometimes penetrating essays and long reviews, most of which originally appeared during the past decade in the New York Review of Books, about the outstanding political personalities and societal issues of contemporary Israeli life. Read full book review >
THE DECENT SOCIETY by Avishai Margalit
Released: May 1, 1996

"Like a crossword puzzle, an ingeniously constructed matrix that cannot quite rise above being just a clever diversion."
Down to the last detail, an overly theoretical and abstract elaboration of exactly what would and would not comprise a decent society. Read full book review >