Books by Axel Madsen

Released: Aug. 1, 1995

"In the end this book is little more than a who-slept-with-whom compendium; further proof of how ultimately unrevealing sexuality tends to be and, at least in Madsen's hands, how trite. (24 pages photos, not seen)"
This trashy, scandal-mongering history of lesbian and bisexual women in Hollywood remains readable in spite of itself. Read full book review >
STANWYCK by Axel Madsen
Released: July 13, 1994

"A comprehensive and intelligently balanced look at a great actress and star, marred by rather ordinary writing. (32 pages of photos, not seen)"
This first biography of Barbara Stanwyck since her death in 1990 is scrupulously researched and fair, if a bit stilted. Read full book review >