Books by Barbara Aria

Released: May 14, 1998

"A perfunctory and ambiguous road map for the often heart-wrenching voyage into self-awareness that more and more women are facing."
It's okay not to have children, it's okay to have children, but it's not okay to follow blindly in your mother's footsteps, according to Tobin, a psychotherapist who also debunks the idea that "it's in a woman's nature to want . . . babies." Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 15, 1992

"Turner does lots of dirty laundry, little of it coming clean- -and he pays no serious attention either to Motown's music or to its role in the history of the American entertainment business. (Photographs—not seen.)"
Turner (All that Glittered, 1990) again turns a nasty eye on Motown's seamy flip side, this time on the chaotic careers of Temptations singers Eddie Kendrick, Dennis Edwards, and the late David Ruffin. Read full book review >
MISHA! by Barbara Aria
Released: March 20, 1989

A straightforward account of Baryshnikov's life and career thus far; but without an insider's eye to lend it a spark or some spice. Read full book review >