Books by Barbara Chase-Riboud

HOTTENTOT VENUS by Barbara Chase-Riboud
Released: Nov. 4, 2003

"Well-meaning but not an inspiring tale, and many readers will simply recoil. From the author of The President's Daughter (1994) and other, more interesting, historical retellings of women in bondage."
Tale of a South African tribeswoman exhibited as a sexual curiosity in 1814, told in her own imagined words. Read full book review >
THE PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER by Barbara Chase-Riboud
Released: Oct. 19, 1994

"Lacking literary finesse, but still powerful enough to tarnish the reputation of yet another dead white man."
With this so-so historical novel, Chase-Riboud (Echo of Lions, 1988, etc.) returns to the scene of her first work, Sally Hemings (not reviewed), to pick up the story of Harriet Hemings, the daughter of slave Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson. Read full book review >