Books by Barbara Collins

MURDER—HIS AND HERS by Barbara Collins
Released: April 1, 2001

Following a pair (naturally) of brief introductions, this husband-and-wife team presents eight reprints from the past decade: three by hard-boiled specialist Max (Mourn the Living, 1999, etc.), three by short-story specialist Barbara (Too Many Tomcats, 1999), and two collaborations: "Eddie Haskell in a Short Skirt," which pits a father-daughter detective team against their embezzling, then defunct, business manager; and "A Cruise to Forget," in which a Caribbean cruise does nothing for the love-life of a wealthy woman and her much younger husband.Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 2000

Felines get all the plum roles in these 11 stories, including 9 reprints (1991-2000) in which cats inherit estates, provoke or prevent dastardly murders, and help solve them, sometimes even after they're dead themselves. What else can they do? "Cat Got Your Tongue," co-written with the author's husband, Max Allan Collins (Mourn the Living, 1999, etc.), presents a cat important enough to steal, and in "Aunt Emma's Defense," one of two new stories here, an accused killer's freedom depends on a cat she claims is her reincarnated husband. Read full book review >