Books by Barbara Dillon

Released: Oct. 30, 1992

``Mallory felt she knew Woody well enough to be sure that absolutely nothing could ever make her glad of his presence.'' Left alone with her nerdy stepfather for a weekend, the nine- year-old promptly makes a forbidden bike ride to buy candy, which she shares—but ungraciously. To her horror, the butter cream shrinks Woody to three inches tall. Mrs. Peebles, who sold the candy accidentally, assures Mallory that her inventive husband has the antidote—if Mallory can contact him. Meanwhile, Woody, aided by the unflappable Mallory, courageously meets a variety of misadventures. When they do find Mr. Peebles (working as a fortuneteller), the antidote fails, but Mallory is finds a clever way to effect a reversal; and by the time Mom returns, she's realized that it's ``not easy trying to learn how to be a stepfather.'' Funny and fast-moving: light reading with a worthwhile message. Inviting format and crisp, diminutive llustrations help sell the story. (Fiction. 8-12) Read full book review >